places to visit in Nebraska

It would be wrong to say that there are plenty of places to travel in Nebraska but surely the handful of the best places to visit in Nebraska are worth admiring. With few people catching hold of this site as a destination to travel across Nebraska can be the one for you. With warm and friendly people having a welcoming attitude the places to visit in Nebraska are fit for all. 

Places to Visit in Nebraska

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Exploring the zoo of Omaha would be good as zoos serve the ultimate purpose of witnessing the complete fauna of the place. This is a unique place when a zoo is concerned, with an indoor desert and jungle along with a nocturnal exhibit. 

The aquarium would also be an exciting visit with opportunities to feel the animals. An IMAX 3D show is lined up keeping in mind the plans to extend your enjoyment even further.

places to visit in Nebraska

places to visit in Nebraska

Strategic Air and Space Museum 

The museum is a great visit for people looking for an interactive and intellectual tour. With a space shuttle placed in between the park that maintains the charm of the entrance even before moving any further. American flags flutter in all glory via a pole. Further, your encounter with the building that is differently shaped from the outside is loaded with glass like panels. 

The museum covers a large area of around 300,000 square feet and showcases many spacecraft and spaceships. The museum came into existence in 1959 and has also shifted place. 

Fans of astronomy and space are greatly welcomed on the premises with something special in store for them. The roller coaster rides and special astronomy sessions and shows it might be the best of places to visit in Nebraska for them. 

places to visit in Nebraska

places to visit in Nebraska

Chimney Rocky National Historic Site

With pasture of land that is covered with firmly trimmed blades of grass leaving no spot or nook uncovered is a place that deserves a call in the best places to visit in Nebraska list.

The park is named after the rock structure that is placed centrally in the park which is rises together from all sides but ultimately making a narrow and pointed ending.

This can easily be included in the list of most informational places to visit in Nebraska because vital information on geology could be obtained.

places to visit in Nebraska

Scotts Bluff National Monument

A great historical site to visit that carries the good old past stories of being inhabited by the Native Americans. With a uniquely round structure and a depression in between the prairies, the place is unique and interesting to visit. 

The work of improving this national monument that has been functional since 1919 always goes on in the park. As improvement and innovation should be the way of life, the same holds with the places to visit in Nebraska as well. 

places to visit in Nebraska

The Golden Spike Tower

Structures that rise high from the ground within a lower vicinity area are always recognized, both by the tourists and by the government. These kinds of places serve a good purpose of being one of the best places to visit in Nebraska automatically capturing the eyes. Standing straight, the tower has shiny golden colors that go in sync with the blue of the sky behind. The tower does the work of providing the visitors with a good view.

places to visit in Nebraska

Indian Cave State Park

Walls or rather rocks decorated with petroglyphs 

form the striking feature of this one of the best places to visit in Nebraska. 

The location of the Indian Cave State Park provided it with another reason to visit and attract tourists. With intricate cave structure that has different shades of the same color is something that should be seen, touched, and felt.

places to visit in Nebraska


Providing you with the place that looks the exact copy of some action-packed Hollywood movie set, we have Carhenge the next in a row. 

You won’t be wrong if you said that the place resembles Stonehenge just with a quirky twist of the cars as the place looks exactly like that. 

places to visit in Nebraska

The Sandhills

Called the sandhills to buy the area nowhere resembles the typical sandhill formation but rather the hills are fully adorned by shades to green including some freshly sprouting and dried twigs. The area is vast making room for enough vegetation to thrive. The even ground that stretches as far as the eyes could see only meet at the horizon. 

The area is famous for a driving tour that can be accompanied by stopping at various points. There are narrow streams that flow in between the pastures of grass.

The Valentine National Wildlife Preserve is a place that is not left unvisited.

places to visit in Nebraska

The Archway

This bridge that is located in the middle of the way is sure to distract you from your driving so hold the steering tight before entering this road that is located near Kearny. Don’t just mistake the structure to be just a decorated laid but is a museum from the inside. The place is dedicated to the Native Americans largely. 

If you think that visiting this one of the places to visit in Nebraska would be a waste of time as a museum would not take long to be explored then you would be proven wrong once you visit this place. The Museum is an important part but other things include the nearby lake where you would always find people chilling and families having a picnic.

places to visit in Nebraska

The Cowboy Trail

If by hearing the word Cowboy, the thought of becoming one lightens up inside you this time you don’t need to blow it off because this one of the places to visit in Nebraska has it all planned. Located amid open pastures the long and narrow trail is explored by the minimum number of people. So you can take your time and enjoy the views and the trails all by yourself. There are small settlements across the trail that could also b visited for some interactive purposes. 

One important tip that should be greatly kept in mind before visiting the Cowboys trail is that going to this place with all the information about weather conditions is a must which could be gathered by visiting the official website of the Cowboy Trail.

places to visit in Nebraska

Omaha’s Marketplace

A trip without engaging in shopping would always be considered incomplete. So to wipe out this incompleteness and provoke you to spend a bit extra the old market of Omaha is here. The market places restore the original and old school appeal that is one of the main factors why people visit it. Apart from shopping the place is something that should be admired as well. 

Shop all day long at this place and in case if you want to have some rest then coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants are lined up in order.

places to visit in Nebraska

Lauritzen Gardens

Including a botanical garden in the list as the place has a unique twist of a library that is filled with books on horticulture and a classroom. The garden charges a minimal fee which is used completely for the maintenance of the garden. The garden has a variety of flora laid on the ground and climbing up the poles and fences.

The floral shows that are organized each year are visited by many, the most famous of them all being the Chrysanthemum festival. 

places to visit in Nebraska

Omaha’s Children Museum

If you are on a family vacation then don’t leave for home without making your trip to Nebraska equally memorable for your child. Take them to visit the Omaha Children’s Museum that they are gonna love. The museum is like play station for your children with a lot of colors added in its decoration. There are games to be played and activities to be participated in. 

places to visit in Nebraska

These were the best places to visit in Nebraska and the best part about them all being the cost. The majority of the places are free and can be enjoyed to the utmost without even a dollar. 

This is a good feature about this place and is also necessary when going on a trip as it somewhere or the other lowers the extra burden that people have to go through in addition to many others.

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places to visit in Nebraska



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