Places to visit in Texas

With some of the top-rated places to visit in Texas, visiting this state could be counted as a leisurely escapade. Shining enormously with endless reasons to enjoy and have fun, this US State of Texas is a delight to visit.

Places to visit in Texas include Houston Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, and many more. On moving further you shall get to know about all these places in great detail.

Top Places to Visit in Texas

Space Center Houston

Beginning our journey with space, the Space Center Houston would be a great start. Decorated with space models like that of astronauts landing on the moon and the center creates the exact image of the time when Neil Armstrong first kept his foot on the Moon. 

The most amazing part about this place in Texas is it’s real to life replicas that are built beautifully with all the facilities to walk in. The Spaces shuttle is one such example that is placed inside the Center.

Not only one but Houston is home to two space centers the other one which is named the Johnson Space Center and Mission Control.

America’s Space Station by the name of Skylab has also made its place inside this one of the best places to visit in Texas. 

Places to visit in Texas

Big Bend National Park

The lanes or spaces between the gigantic rocks filled with water offering a great place to relax and enjoy. The site is a good one for clicking photos. With few people visiting this large place you would get immense priority and space for you. Located in the Chihuahuan Desert in the western part of Texas, the place is the best for going on a hike and then resting in the shadow of these rocks. The area is minimally vegetated with spots of small shrubs. This is also a popular picnic spot with enormous amounts of birds to watch.

Places to visit in Texas

San Antonio’s River Walk

Located on the side of the San Antonio River, the place always boasts with brimming colors that are gorgeous to look at. With some outstanding food that becomes even more enjoyable when eating at such a place, this is the best match for the best places to visit in Texas. The spot is much loved by the tourists as a nighttime attraction when the places glow up with different colored lights that are places all along. 

Cruises can be enjoyed along with having dinner on them in the middle of the river under a starry night.

Places to visit in Texas

The Texas State Capitol

The State Capitol of Texas which is located in Austin should be your next stopping place to visit in Texas. The historic building stands high with a great amount of detailing and tremendously good architecture.

Tours guides will be present there to help you with the tour of the Capitol. It would be quite helpful in case you want to gather the insights. The long paved entrance surrounded by 22 acres of parks and adorned with trees on the sidewalk present a regal site.

Places to visit in Texas

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

With grump and uneven grounds that rises smoothly forming bumps and breakers throughout the place is something that is worth walking upon. This one of the bulky places to visit in Texas is extremely different from all the mentioned above. When all the places offer a clean and delicate site this is a place that offers the contrary view that is rugged and almost barren.

With extreme hiking trails this place is here to check your fitness level, so pull up your socks and fastened up your laces before visiting this place in Texas.

Cadillac Ranch

 Must have heard about the luxurious car by the name of Cadillac but this place would present a picture that couldn’t be imagined in the wildest dreams. The Cadillac’s are painted and with sprays and artists from all around the world. The cars are dug into the ground protruding out. You can also create your masterpiece here and try your hands out at painting. 

Painting sprays could be found easily lying so there is no need for you to spend an extra dollar on it. This is one of the most fun places to visit in Texas.

Places to visit in Texas

Natural Bridge Caverns

Want to go inside the caves and explore the hidden beauty then the Natural Bridge Caverns are the best of the places to visit in Texas.

The cave is composed of 10,000 stalactites which are formed naturally and are preserved delicately. With other formations to see like the King’s throne and the Natural Bridge Caverns are breathtaking.

Places to visit in Texas

South Padre Island

This barrier island is one of the longest in the world with a natural as well as luxurious blend both present at the same spot. this is one of the best places to visit in Texas for a vacation. 

The island is full of restaurants and fancy hotels along with some of the best relaxing places like salons and spas.

Places to visit in Texas


Famous by the name of the resort city, Galveston is probably the best place to visit in Texas for spending a day surrounding by people and luxury. The place is named Galveston in context to the island on which it is located. The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier is the place for which you can head in search of some adventure.


Give this place a chance to entertain and welcome you with its close to nature connect. The town has a Mexican-American history with truly beautiful places to visit such as the Rio Grande Museum and the Imaginarium of South Texas. Visit this one of the best places to visit in Texas.

Places to visit in Texas

Corpus Christi

It is ain’t a place alone because the whole city deserves a mention in the list of places to visit in Texas. Choosing a separate location from this coastal city of Corpus Christi would be difficult for you as ranking its places is hard. With beaches to wander around and sand dunes to play with the place has an overall appeal.

San Marco

The heart of Texas throbs in this place that is called the San Marco. The city is covered with plenty of malls, greenery, parks, and brides that overlook the clean flowing water. You can try your hands out at fishing and kayaking here.

Places to visit in Texas

The Sixth Floor Museum 

The place became a part of a fatal accident in which the life of President Kennedy was taken away in a firing spree that went inside. After that incident, the places have been dedicated to him and his work is displayed in this museum. 

So these were some of the best places to visit in Texas that would definitely save your time that would be consumed in determining the optimal spot. Hope to have helped you in a way.

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Places to visit in Texas



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