best places to visit in brazil

Best places to visit in Brazil is a topic that aims to cover major tourist attractions in the country. The South American city of Brazil is quite breathtaking that it can’t be described in words, only witnessing such beauty would serve the purpose. Below is an especially designed list of the best places to visit in Brazil that you are surely going to love and would attract you to pick them up.

7 best places to visit in Brazil:

Christ the Redeemer

Located in the city of Rio De Janeiro, the statue of Christ the Redeemer serves as a major tourist attraction for the city. If you ever think about brazil then this statue is bound to cross your mind. The magnanimous statue of Christ the Redeemer is designed by the renowned sculptor Gheorghe Leonida along with engineer Albert Caquot.

Since the statue is so big continuous restoration work goes on. Escalators were also installed to ease the visitors. The base on which the statue rests has a chapel as well. This chapel is one of the favorite wedding destinations for the people in Brazil and making the statue of Christ the Redeemer of the best place to visit in Brazil.

best places to visit in brazil

Iguacu Falls

Having its starting point from the river Iguazu. Iguacu falls serve as one of the best places to visit in Brazil. The 82 meters high Iguacu falls has a beautiful name which means big water. There is a story that encompasses this huge waterfall. The story proceeds as once there was a deity who fell in love with an enchanting woman by the name of Naipi and also wished to marry her but the woman loved some other person who was a human-like here by the name of Taraba. The deity got angry and cut off a waterfall from the river and throwing off Taraba in the waterfall.

The Iguacu falls are can easily be reached and are assessable for most of the time during the year so there would be no hindrance in your visit.

best places to visit in brazil


 Located in the southern part of Brazil, Copacabana is a fashionable and exotic place to visit in Brazil. Copacabana is a beach which sees many tourists round the year. Apart from the beach the place also offers many places to visit like the Copacabana palace hotel for your luxurious stay and Arpoador. There are two other mainly hidden beaches namely the Fort Copacabana and the Diabo beach. The latter is also named the Devil beach. The Copacabana beach has all the amenities for the people who visit and all the safety precautions are maintained with due respect. Visit the Copacabana beach and include this place on the list of the best places to visit in Brazil. 

best places to visit in brazil

Ipanema Beach

Lying between the two Brazilian cities of Lublin and Arpoador, Ipanema beach is one of the best places to visit in Brazil. Most names of places in Brazil are derived from the Tupi language and so does this one as well. The translation of the word goes as “worthless water”, “stinking water” and “turbid water”. The name is so because it is said that the water of this place is highly unfit for human consumption but the place is exactly the opposite from the meaning of the name itself. The place is quite mesmerizing and quite modern. The surrounding area is also well developed and connected.  

Amazon rainforest

Can a forest serve as a place to visit and tourism but the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is here to prove you completely wrong. The Amazon rainforest covers a large part of Brazil nearly 60%. The forest is a perfect example and blends biodiversity and cooperation.

People explore the Amazon Rainforest on boats and witness some of the hidden but beautiful sites that lie inside the forest. 

Encontro Das Aguas and the Anavilhanas islands are some of the best places to visit in Brazil.

best places to visit in brazil

Brasilia’s modernist Architecture

If you want to see modern architecture at its best then Brasilia is one of the places that would serve as a feast to your eyes. The city is a must-visit for you in Brazil and the city has a master’s in town planning and urban planning. Located on top of the Brazilian highland the city enjoys a Tropical Savannah Climate. Paranoa Lake is also one of the additional places to visit in the city and making the city itself one of the best places to visit in Brazil. 

Pernambuco Beaches

The state of Pernambuco is home to some of the best places to visit in Brazil and the top-rated among them is Pernambuco Beach. The luxurious and delighting Pernambuco beach is a place that you should not miss in any condition. With the clear blue water of the beach, it is also a place for some of the best beach activities. 

These are some of the best places to visit in Brazil that have been sorted out from several places. 

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