Best Places to Visit in Colorado

The picture-perfect destination is here in the form of the best places to visit in Colorado. With its surreal locations and enchanting landscapes, the place is all gloried with visitors throughout the year making it an ultimate place to visit and stay. 

Filled with exotic locations and scenic sides that pass by one would always find a reason to love this gorgeous place. Traveling to Colorado would prove to be your best traveling decision ever.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park

With reinders and other such animals that inhabit the park, it is one of the best places to visit in Colorado. Starting with this would be a good idea as natural beauty attracts all and when we are talking about the Rocky Mountain National Park then surely it does. 

Trail Ridge Road is the best way to travel to this location without any difficulty. The terrain is easily driveable and would show you a lot of scenic sites worth admiring.

Adorned with numerous peaks the Long Peak is the best of them all. When we are talking about mountains and terrains then it isn’t possible to spare the hiking grounds. Hiking on these trails would be quite an enjoyable experience.

Different activities could be enjoyed during the different seasons in this park, horse-riding being one of them.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado


The snow-covered town of Vail is the premium location to visit to see the heavy snowfall and lavish skiing activities. Rightly known as the best places to visit in Colorado, the town of Vail is also known as the Ski Resort Town. With the main purpose of skiing visitors never get disappointed by this place. 

The town has other attractions such as fancy restaurants, shops, and hotels to explore. The cost of living and staying in this town always remains high as the Vail is the one-stop destination. If you are planning to stay in this town and explore more within a stipulated budget then visiting during the off-season would be the best resort. The peak season is usually expensive and crowded.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado
Best Places to Visit in Colorado

Pikes Peak

Located in the Pike National Forest the Pikes Peak is a mountain that is 14,115 feet high. The best part about this one of the best places to visit in Colorado is the Pikes Peak Cog Railway which is a train that makes you travel the whole of the area especially Pikes Peak. Traveling on this train would itself would be a million-dollar experience. The trip takes 3 hours to complete and is ample to fill your eyes with the beauty outside.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado

Garden of the Gods

Names such as these would undoubtedly cause you to pay some attention and when the place is like the Gods Garden the attention is being diverted to the right place. The sudden rising slopes that are jutting out of the ground are spread throughout the area with some shrubs and trees adding color to this natural setting. 

The place is picturesque, providing a heightened finish to each click. Rock climbers are just in love with this place and explore each nook and corner of this leaving no stone unclimbed. 

Best Places to Visit in Colorado


When the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway train passes through the meadow and pastures leaving behind the stairs of coniferous trees and the smoke oozing out of itself the view is nothing less than what we see in movies. The good old town of Durango is what we call one of the best places to visit in Colorado. The railway’s train to be one of them in this best places to visit in Colorado.

The town of Durango is lovely during summer and becomes even more lovely when winters dawn the place. The Purgatory Ski Resort located within the reach of the city is something that received visitors throughout the year. People in search of more also visit Telluride.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado

Million Dollar Highway

With a sharp and neat cut, the Million Dollar Highway is something worth driving across. The 46-kilometer highway is what is called one of the best places to visit in Colorado. The swift and smooth ride resonates in the mind and eyes of every rider who has been through the Million Dollar Highway.

The San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway becomes the next stoppage of most of the people. The town of Silverton and Ouray can also be a good option if you are in some kind of hurry. 

Best Places to Visit in Colorado

Dinosaur National Monument

In addition to being one of the best places in Colorado, the Dinosaur National Monument is also one of the most interesting places to go to. The place holds the relics and engravings of dinosaurs that once were a part of this ecosystem. The intricate petroglyphs are displayed in an organized way enhancing the overall look of the museum. 

These are some of the handpicked destinations to visit and are limited in number to make your choice even more easy and apt regarding the best places to visit in Colorado. 

Best Places to Visit in Colorado

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Best Places to Visit in Colorado


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