best places to visit in Montana

It time for you to delve deeper into the best places to visit in Montana. With Canada as its neighbor, the state of Montana has many characteristic features of it as well. with numerous destinations to visit and many activities to polish your skills with this American state has a plethora of things to offer so without ranting more let’s drive-in.

Best places to visit in Montana

Glacier National Park

Starting with the most majestic destination to stop at, the Glacier National Park would serve the purpose of enjoyment in a scenic location just in the right way. With the beautiful trails, mountains, and waterfall this one of the best places to visit in Montana has just the right amount of things mixed in an accurate proportion.

Going to the sun road is an iconic place to drive through adorned by some of the places that work complementary to it like the Triple Divide. Sun when rising is the most beautiful site that can be witnessed anywhere across the globe but when the scene is witnessed at the Glacier National Park, it becomes even more enchanting and mesmerizing to look at. 

best places to visit in Montana

Museum of the Rockies

 Skeletons of Dinosaurs are put out to display in this museum which comes under the Smithsonian Institution. Models that look appealing and realistic are also displayed for the visitors. This elite institution that has taken the work of maintaining this place is doing it quite well.T-Rex which is also known as tyrannosaurus’s skull is also displayed. All these jaw-dropping creatures make the Museum of the Rockies one of the best places to visit in Montana and also providing a thrilling site to look at 

best places to visit in Montana


Helena is Montana’s capital city and is as gorgeous as the name itself. With a historic gold rush history, the place is loaded with some of the most beautiful places to pay a visit to. The State Capitol building is massive and outstands most of the places in Helena. The Greek Renaissance style is largely depicted along with the highlighted use of granite and sandstone. 

The Helena-Lewis and Clarke National Forest, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, and Elkhorn Wildlife Management Unit are some of the places that are true to their names.

best places to visit in Montana

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre

How many of you fancy grizzly bears and wished to have them as a pet? Well, the latter isn’t possible anytime soon but the former is by visiting this one of the best places to visit in Montana. 

Excursion to this place that protects so many exotic wildlife species would make you happy as well as excited. The place is much loved by children of all ages and amuses them with every step that they take. 

The place was opened as a sanctuary but its importance grew over the years making it a place that is much loved and animals adored, the animals and bears also have become accustomed to human intervention and their caring behavior so the place is quite safe and secured to be visited. 

best places to visit in Montana

The World Museum of Mining

With all the bright hues this one of the best places to visit in Montana shines differently. Dedicated wholly towards conveying the agony, experience, and life of the miners in Montana the World Museum of Mining is doing a great job in this direction. 

The place is surrounded by dozens of other historic sites and buildings to visit the places itself is situated around a mining camp that has been restored. The website of this museum in Butte can be reached to find out more about the place before visiting it.

best places to visit in Montana
best places to visit in Montana

Gates of the Mountains Wilderness

This is yet another place that can be visited in the town of Helena. Located amid the Helena-Lewis and Clarke National Forest the park is a discernible place to be in. The massive stretches of the Park have much to explore and its 28000 acres of land would tire out your legs. 

Wear something comfy with trekking shoes on. People enjoy a sunny day picnic at the Meriwether Picnic Area and enjoy the Gates of the Mountain Boat Tour. 

best places to visit in Montana

Big Sky Resort

Can’t miss out on skiing and snow on our best places to visit in Montana list. The Big Sky Resort in Bozeman is impressive in all ways equipped with skiing terrains, cabins, condos, and private homes. Do visit this snowy place in Montana is experience adventure.

best places to visit in Montana

These are some of the best places to visit in Montana that are in neck to neck competition with each other.

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best places to visit in Montana


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