best places to visit in Nevada

The best places to visit in Nevada are all ostentatiously dressed up and shimmering with the lights on to welcome you to have a leisure time. The city of Nevada which is full of activities to do and trips to plan nothing that comes under the genre of excitement and enjoyment is left uncovered. With numerous things to do and places to explore here are the best places to visit in Nevada.

Best places to visit in Nevada

Las Vegas

What can be more of a good start to begin with than the lightened up city of Las Vegas. The city is known by all around the world for its world class restaurants, luxurious resorts and theatres to compliment them. This never sleeping city would also not let to sleep as it has so much to offer. You would also not like to wink a bit in the fear of missing out on such celebrations. Starting with one of the best places to visit in Nevada, there is more to more.

best places to visit in Nevada

Hoover Dam

Away from the all the music and parties this Hoover Dam can certainly compliment your trip and also balance your mood with its subtle atmosphere. The dam is huge –built across the lake Mead and serves as a water reservoir. Production of hydroelectricity is one of the major role that this dam plays. Helicopter facilities are also available so that people can reach this site in no time but most of the people like driving up to the Hoover dam as it is just a 45 minutes ride, enjoying the sites passing by on your way is a must. The power plant can also be explored via a tour.

best places to visit in Nevada

Lake Tahoe

This one of the best places to visit in Nevada would make you awe struck with its crystal clean water offering the services of a mirror to the adjoining area. The sides along this fresh water lake are perfect for chilling out with your family on a vacation or a day trip. Camping in this area would be also be another good plan to go for. The town near this place can be explored in due time along with some of the most amazing hiking trails.

best places to visit in Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park are some of the very few sites that are minimally explored and are also some of the best places to visit in Nevada. The valley offers short hikes that are preferable for most of the people without any experience. The rock and landscape are light reddish in colour and offer numerous spots to see these natural created slopes in great detail. This place would serve to be a good spot for clicking photos, rock carving called as the Petro glyphs could also be seen covering many hills.

best places to visit in Nevada


Build on nearly the same concept as that of Las Vegas, Reno is another exotic city for you to visit in Nevada. Being one of the best places to visit in Nevada, Reno has  a lower population but then also ranks as the second most populous city in the town. This charming city is always up for some kind of celebration welcoming  the guests in an any unforgettable way. The Annual National Championship Air Races, The Great Reno Balloon Race and the Hot August Night Car Convention are some of the most liked events of all times that the city hosts.

best places to visit in Nevada

Lamoille Canyon

The Lamoille Canyon is again one of the best places to visit in Nevada with a height of 8,800 foot which is quite high. The area is not just left with the canyon but has many other attractions like the waterfalls and the wildlife that can sometimes amaze you with some of the rarest species to find. Exploring the lower regions of the Canyon can be easy as it remains open throughout the year but the upper portions experiences heavy snowfalls just blocked roads and paths are common.

The Great Basin National Park

The park has the Wheeler peak along with the Lehman Caves that are visited by all. With light sunlight spread over the region this is a place that can be a perfect outing spot. Pine cones specially the Bristlecone Pines are the speciality of this are and are also protected.

best places to visit in Nevada

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best places to visit in Nevada


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