best places to visit in Kansas

The best places to visit in Kansas are probably widespread throughout this western American State that also comes in the mid of it. With some of the outstanding places to visit like Wichita, Boot hill and Fort Larned let’s find out together what should be your next stop in Kansas

This native American state contrasts perfectly with the making a balance between the development and nature that thrives more day by day. With the combination of history and serenity, this place remains constant as it was before in this ever-changing world which is yet another accomplishment that this town is known for. 

All the appreciators of art are welcomed to this place called Kansas with wide arms to view its places and make them more valuable than before.

Best Places to Visit in Kansas

Botanica: Wichita Gardens

When talking about nature and its beauty what could possibly be the best place to see different species of flowers blooming other than the rich source of the botanical garden in the town. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Kansas making a striking start at the beginning itself. With all the beauty concentrated in one place, this place is like a paradise to look at. The garden is divided into many sections all themed differently in order to provide the visitors the variety to explore. 

Treehouses adorning the trees become each child’s attraction and climbing on to them seems delightful. 

On moving further you would also get to see the ancient flower arrangement in a section known as the Shakespeare Garden representing the Elizabethan era.

Whenever there is a mention of flowers how can we forget the butterflies but this garden won’t let you forget anything that is related to beauty. The Butterfly Garden is one such surreal place where you can watch many indigenous butterflies.

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

One of the rarest region in America to witness the Prairie vegetation is also one of the best places to visit in Kansas. With approximately 170 million acres of land, bus tours the best to explore the area without tired much tired. People often like to explore the place on their own with their maps and GPS. 

The site is the best for small hiking tours. Many of the open-air events are also organized in places throughout the year which adds more liveliness to the place and also more important.

best places to visit in Kansas

Kansas State Capitol

Icy blue with the base of white the State Capitol would serve as the next one of the best places to visit in Kansas. 

The Kansas State Capitol took its final form in the year 1866 after 37 years. The French style of the building is displayed in every nook and corner of the capital. Like every other capital building present in America, inside tours of this place are also available. 

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Boot Hill

Maintaining the same charm as that in its 1800s, the Boot hill museum is the next one of the best places to visit in Kansas. Pictures of the city depicting its history and development throughout the years are presented here. The museum serves as a great place where the historian in you could find something to polish up its skills with.

The schoolhouse is one of the buildings that can be visited along with the Fort Dodge Jail. If you were ever fascinated by the early Hollywood movies and wondered how the town at that time looked like then this place would provide you with the exact picture with market settings and salons just that the old times.

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Spencer Museum of Art

The University of Kansas that is located in Lawrence has got the opportunity to be the home for such an artistic place in Kansas. The best places to visit in Kansas would be much deprived if there was no mention of art and artists. So to fill the gap Kansas’s museum is here. With several art pieces and also in a different medium the museum has a different approach to serve the purpose. Some of the Asian, African, and European art pieces constitute it’s all time favorites and are always in the display while the other ones change with time to give others a chance. 

Exhibitions are a must to propagate this type of art and to keep the love for it alive in the hearts of the people, so keeping the same in mind the Spencer Museum of Art does the same by organizing exhibitions. 

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Evel Knievel Museum

This is not a museum that would need you to be all demure and sophisticated but would demand you to be more of a fun-loving person. This is the whole agenda of creating this museum where people play different varieties of games and try their hands at gaining a different kind of experience by visiting the place itself. Most of the games are based on a motorbike and are also dedicated to Evel Knievel who was performed various stunts on a motorcycle. Keeping in mind his love for speed, adventure, and thrill this place has been designed. 

The museum also displays motorbikes, helmets, and other items that are related to the same industry.

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Flint Hills Discovery Center

With a very modern setting, this flamboyant place in Kansas has deserving made its place in the list of best places to visit in Kansas. Located in Manhattan the museum solely displays all about the Flint Hills whether it is about its history, culture, music, festivities, you are going to find all things in one place.

Science being a vital part of the museum, it is given due amount of attention and recognition along with a culture that plays the other half of the role. 

The immersive Experience Theatre is an outstanding thing to try when at the Flint Hills. The show is so real that all the things happening on the screen can be felt as well. 

The rooftop terrace is another place with which you can wind up your visit. Places to eat are also available in the nearby area.

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Keepers of the Plains

The name keeper of the plains is based on the high statue that stands in the place. Having deep links with native American history the place has a glimpse of the same.

The night show that lasts only for 15 minutes should 

not be missed and so the trip to this one of the best places to visit in Kansas should be planned carefully keeping the timings in mind.

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Kansas Speedway

If you are a big fan of car racing and the sound of wheels moving past you making that swiss sound excites you then this is the right play to land in Kansas. 

With many events lined throughout the year, you are definitely going to find the one for yourself as well. 

The place is crowded during an event and even more, if it’s a weekend or some holiday. 


The town of Nutterville needs no description as the town is distinct and has an identity of its own. With beautifully painted houses that are also decorated is the life of this town. There are very few places that are so much distinct and hold an aura of their own that has been created by some practice or idea that evolved from within but if you come across such place then one should never miss the golden opportunity to visit them and know about them in great detail. 

Nutterville is one such place that needs to be visited and remembered as one of the best places to visit in Kansas.

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Mushroom Rock State Park

This is the park has rocks that are shaped in the form of giant mushrooms. There is a special name that is given to this kind of ricks in the area which is ‘hoodoos’. 

Geologists say that such rocks are formed as a result of some kind of natural phenomenon like erosion and weathering which was common on this land years ago. 

Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark

These unnatural rock formations are something that interest people and most researchers come and pay a visit. One of the rock formations has a very different feature of a hole that is said to be the keyhole. Counting as one of the best places to visit in Kansas the place is perfect for a researchful visit.

best places to visit in Kansas
best places to visit in Kansas

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area

Home to some of the dangerous water animals like the snakes major part of the Cheyenne Bottom Wildlife Area is a wetland but is marked by its significant feature of sustaining the water ecosystem and also attracting tourists to see the same.

best places to visit in Kansas
Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife area in Kansas

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