best places to visit in Minnesota

Hidden from the eyes of all the best places to visit in Minnesota are culturally rich providing a subtle way to escape the daily monotony. Places to visit in Minnesota include the Superior National Forest, Minneapolis Institute of Art, and many others. Also called the town of lakes by the Americans Minnesota upholds the title with a number of lakes which also become a part of the best places to visit in Minnesota.

The northern state that has St. Paul as its capital city is adequately populated with most of the part covered with forest. The place has many recreational places and mining is something that is widely practiced. 

Best Places to Visit in Minnesota

 North Shore Scenic Drive

With water falling down from the straight rocky steps, the North Shore Scenic Drive is one of the best places to visit in Minnesota. The sound of water clattering over the rocks and pebbles as it falls resonates with the whole area and has spots around it where you can sit and enjoy the sound. The area is really very peaceful and filled with serenity. 

You can also stop in the way and visit some of the other places like the Tettegouche, Split Rock Lighthouse, and the Grand Portage State Park that are regarded as some of the best state parks of all times in Minnesota. On a weekend the park becomes a home for many people and children, a perfect place to spend a sunny weekend.

Activities such as fishing can be enjoyed in Lake Superior which is also the source of this waterfall.

best places to visit in Minnesota

Superior National Forest 

Going on a forest safari could be the next exciting thing that you would like to do in Minnesota. The forest has lakes, rivers, and large forest covers of which the Boundary Water Canoe Area is the favorite among the people. 

Fascinated by wolves? Then the International Wolf Center that is found in the town named Elk becomes a mandatory visit for you.

It might be possible that this area would be the only one in the list of best places to visit in Minnesota for Canoe and Kayaking trips that is majorly loved by all.

best places to visit in Minnesota
best places to visit in Minnesota

Cathedral of St. Paul

This is a pilgrimage site which is yet another best place to visit in Minnesota for you. Standing fresh from the 1900s this site had collected considerable fame for itself. 

The design and architecture of the building are amazing with protruding designs that adorn the upper portion of the entrance. The front portion is decorated with many other geometrical patterns places in order. The style is classified as the classical Renaissance which makes it even more important to visit and follow.  

The St Paul Cathedral is closed for the tourists on special occasions such as holy services.

best places to visit in Minnesota
best places to visit in Minnesota

Minnesota State Capitol Building

The building of the Minnesota State Capitol building welcomes you with a broad stair for the base on which the building is built and also adds an extra height for the building to stand out.

The starting footsteps of the capitol building have flowers displayed further which the statues are placed on top of a pillar. The maintenance work of the state capitol building is always in progress to make the building shine as new. 

Inside tours are also available for the building which is usually opted for.

best places to visit in Minnesota

Mall of America

This mall becomes the central hub for the people of Minnesota. Whether it be shopping, eating or any other recreational activity is the Mall of America that people head out to. So if you want to shop then visit this is one of the best places to visit in Minnesota on the go. With more than 500 shops this is place is huge o explore in one trip.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

The Lighthouse building on the edge of the cliff guards the water of the area and is also built with the somewhat same purpose. The area is great to explore with trees and hiking trails. Fat tire biking is rarely available in many of the places to visit in Minnesota but is present here. Make the maximum out of everything extra that you get in these of the best places to visit in Minnesota.

best places to visit in Minnesota
best places to visit in Minnesota

Minneapolis Institute of Art

With the depiction of art and perfection, Minneapolis is one of the best places to visit in Minnesota. The museum is known all around for its beauty and portrayal of sculptures. 

With no entrance fee, the Minneapolis Institute of Art has a display of around 89,000 works of art that are greatly appreciated by all. 

From time to time exhibitions are also arranged with the Art in Bloom festival capturing all the limelight in the spring.

best places to visit in Minnesota
best places to visit in Minnesota

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

The flexible bridge of Duluth serves as its icon and attracts tourists. The bridge is fully functional since 1905 and ships have been passing through it ever since. Constructed with heavy metal moles and rods the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge is highly sustainable. And super strong.

Itasca State Park

This one of the best places to visit in Minnesota is surrounded by greenery and trees all around. The place is pleasant to visit and to spend some time. The shallow water stream is loved by children and they all go splashing through it. Sitting on the rocks in the midst of the stream is really enjoyable. 

People spend the night at this place in cams and tents. Singing, dancing, and bonfires activities are also carried out during the night.

best places to visit in Minnesota

St. Cloud Clemens Garden

With flowers blooming all around this place is a fit for walking and jogging around. People visit this place quite often in order to sit and relax. Walking paths run all across the park that is heavily covered by bushes and shrubs on either side. The place is best suited for spending some quality time and meditating in the calm and peaceful atmosphere that lingers throughout the park.

best places to visit in Minnesota
best places to visit in Minnesota

Nickelodeon Universe

This one of the best places to visit in Minnesota is pretty different in comparison to the other places that have got mention until now. The in-built amusement park is set inside a shopping mall in Bloomington. 

This famous spot is named after the popular and children’s favorite cartoon TV channel by the same name. Nickelodeon. There are many rides and swings that can be enjoyed by all the people. There are special rides for toddlers and infants as per their safety and interests. 

best places to visit in Minnesota
best places to visit in Minnesota

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Another one of the best places to visit in Minnesota is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden that has all new and creative sculptures to look around. The place has many intriguing and innovative structures places all across. the most famous and clicked of them all is the giant spoon that lies protruding off the lakeside for some distance. The spoon is bent in a unique way so as to support a red shiny cherry on top. 

Some years back when the park was not used as a tourist spot it was known as the Parade. The story behind this name is the military practices and drills that were carried on in this location which earned this unique name to it.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

This elite building is nothing like the mainstream zoo that has bars and huge trees but is a very different build with a petal-shaped conservatory backed up by a double dome shaped nearly circular building with the main entrance. 

The park accepts donations for its maintenance and smooth functioning as there is no fee charged for entering this terrifically beautiful place.

The park has a variety of plants and trees including the rarest species of bonsai. With slides and swings for the kids, this place is for all to visit.

best places to visit in Minnesota
best places to visit in Minnesota

These were some of the gems in places to visit in Minnesota that are great for a visit.

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best places to visit in Minnesota


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